Creative Coalition Virtual Festival | November 9-11


Which browser should I use?

Please use Google Chrome for best performance.

Can I access on a phone/tablet?

We would recommend using a desktop or laptop computer.

My camera/audio doesn’t seem to be working?

Please check the padlock next to the web browser and make sure your camera and microphone are switched to ‘Allow‘.

The stream seems to have disappeared, what do I do?

Please try closing your web browser and restarting.

I can see the sessions but can’t hear the audio – what should I do?

Try refreshing the page, if a red box appears asking to access your speakers make sure to click on it

How do I access the festival?

Please log in to your HopIn account. If you have registered for Creative Coalition 2022, you’ll be able to access from 10am on 1 February.

How will you be ensuring this festival is accessible?

Creative Coalition Festival 2022 is committed to providing an inclusive and safe space for all. For this reason, we are working towards ensuring Creative Coalition Festival 2022 is as accessible as possible. Do check back here for more detailed updates on this closer to the festival. We will ensure all speakers are thoroughly briefed to deter incidents of microaggression or ableism. If you require further accessibility information or would like help with booking, please contact us at:

Hopin is not working very well on my device, what should I do?

In the first instance, please ensure you are using Chrome on a desktop computer or a laptop.

What do I do if my expo booth video/slideshow is not working?

Please ensure the video you have uploaded is public and for slides, please ensure the presentation is published to the web

Camera permission issues

Click the camera icon on the right side of the address bar, then click manage, then click “app.hopin..” click on the camera dropdown and change setting to “ask (default)”… now refresh your hopin link and try to share audio and video again.

Can I sign up for one or 2 sessions?

There is no registration for individual sessions, please sign up for a free festival pass and it will allow you to access any of the sessions.