Creative Coalition Virtual Festival | November 9-11


Streaming live from across the UK, this three-day online festival spans across six stages and virtual spaces. With more than 50 different events, ranging from world-class performances to inspiring discussions, practical workshops and real cross-sector networking events.

Hosted by broadcaster Swarzy, Day One explores how to REIMAGINE the creative sector, with sessions including Cultural Change Starts with Us, an exploration into why institutions need to first look within to create impact and change across the Creative Industries and returning for the second time, our A Case for Creativity session will see leading creatives argue the crucial role of creativity as a tool for tomorrow’s discoveries, innovations, and experiments. 

Day Two looks at ways to REDEFINE the Creative Industries. Rethinking the Economy examines how to we might work towards a fairer and more prosperous world and The Class Debate asks why working class people are underrepresented in the creative sector workforce and why this matters. Improving working conditions for creatives is an important theme for Day Two with Freelance Champions questioning how the sector can protect and support its vital freelance workers and Breaking Down Barriers interrogating the reality currently facing disabled artists and creative workers.

To close the festival on Day Three, sessions focus on a mission to Reignite the future of creativity. During Designing a Greener Future, speakers discuss how creativity and storytelling have the power to influence change and protect our planet. Continuing the theme of using culture and creativity to influence, inspire and enable environmental action, Our Biome, Our Future / One and All will streamed live from the Rainforest Biome at the Eden Project, Cornwall. 

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