Creative Coalition Virtual Festival | November 9-11


The Big Screen will be the festival’s performance stage, enabling our audience to immerse themselves in everything from music, theatre and dance, to short films and spoken word. This is an entertainment hub that will be consistently updated throughout the festival with content you can watch any time.

Register now for updates and announcements on what to expect from the Big Screen in 2022.


Creative UK Showreel

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The Full Story

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Somehow is a love song to ourselves, to those we know and those we have yet to meet. It is an exploration of intimacy and relationships, not only between the music and movement, but between performer and audience. Reflecting on new forms and spaces for music theatre to exist within, writer and dancer Krystal S. Lowe and composer Jasmin Kent Rodgman have created a work that draws on the theatre of opera, the emotion and expression of lieder and innateness of dance. Blurring the lines between onstage and onscreen, Somehow hopes to offer a redefined operatic experience that embodies how we live today and our connections with one another.

Directors: Krystal S. Lowe / Jasmin Kent Rodgman

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Pollinator Pathmaker

In this one minute short documentary, Dr Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg explains the ins and outs of the Pollinator Pathmaker scheme/algorithm/art with the Eden Project.

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Rainforest Reconnect Showcase

This short film highlights the beauty of the Eden Project’s biom.

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Earthy Encounters – Sam Johnson

Earthy Encounters is a short family action-adventure film about a 15-year-old boy who believes he can save his terminally ill brother with an ancient, sentient plant he’s unearthed in the garden centre he works at.

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War Paint – Nat Luurtsema

A lonely narcissist and a shy doormat yearn for purpose and friendship. They find both… when one of them kills a would-be rapist.

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Sign Night

Sign Night is a poetic conversation in sign language between two star crossed lovers, projected onto buildings in central Bristol. The deaf performers share their dreams for the future from building to building, across the night sky.

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